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MRD Detection

Through monitoring minimal residual disease (MRD), we can assess and predict the recurrence risk more than 3 months earlier than radiological recurrence prediction on average.

Follow-up Services

Professional medical assistants and scheduled follow-ups are available to our patients during their treatment and convalescence.
Condition changes are closely monitored to support timely detection of the recurrence risk.

Follow-up Services

0 + clinical trials
We can provide up-to-date information on clinical trials, with numerous clinical trials available for matching.
Individualized patient follow-up services can help physicians know how the patients' conditions change to provide guidance for their rehabilitation, and assist them in better management of their diseases.
Follow-up, a significant pivot based on which OrigiMed Precision Medicine E-Hospital can provide patient management services, can not only improve the treatment effects of patients, but also contribute to their management and services.

Based on the data-driven technique, we can communicate the questions and information to patients in a precise and individualized manner, and collect the information that accurately reflects their disease progression in strict accordance with the compliance principles for follow-up while resting them assured.

Through follow-ups, we can also provide a wide range of services, such as compliance monitoring, symptom monitoring, and psychological and lifestyle support.
  • Clinical Testing
    of Patients

    A patient shall purchase
    the testing service through
    a physician and sign the ICF.

  • Patient Information

    We can provide medical history
    and records, discharge records,
    and imaging materials, etc.

  • On-line Viewing
    of Testing Reports

    We can recommend similar
    treatment cases to the patients to
    provide more information on disease
    treatment from a multi-dimensional
    and visualized perspective.

  • Follow-up System

    We can evaluate the treatment
    prognosis, and track the
    follow-up treatment and
    re-examination, until loss
    of follow-up.

Electronic medical record service

After the patient's disease course information is uploaded, it will be recorded and organized to effectively analyze the development law of the tumor, so that doctors can have a clearer understanding of the disease and give more accurate treatment and rehabilitation guidance.
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