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Digital Gene Sequencing

We can offer copious and multifaceted testing products, focusing on multiple clinical applications, such as targeted therapy/immunotherapy/radiochemotherapy guidance, prognosis evaluation, genetic risk warning, and recurrence monitoring.


OriMIRACLE S Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) Dynamic Monitoring

Dynamic monitoring of MRD
  • WES + MRD Testing

    Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) and Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) are techniques allowing matching of the genetic sequences detected in your tumor biopsy to 20,000 known genes from our database

  • Tumor Specific MRD Monitoring

    Minimal Residual Disease refers to the small number of residual cancer cells circulating in the blood after cancer treatment. Detection of any remaining circulating cancer cells means there is MRD, or ongoing untreated cancer. Our MRD testing accurately detects any remaining cancer cells, indicating successful treatment if all cancer cells disappear from the circulation

  • Ongoing Monitoring Against Recurrence

    The same technology used for MRD can also be used to detect tumor recurrence and for ongoing monitoring of patients who have been successfully treated

  • Proprietary Technologies

    Our proprietary technologies include OriCleverClover, which is a highly sensitive test with a low false positive rate. OriSelector precisely selects monitoring sites

Testing Portfolio Detection Technology Specimen Type Cancer Type
MiYuan OriMIRACLE LTM BCR/TC rearrangement Bone marrow fluid 、Peripheral blood、FFPE sample Lymphatic hematologic tumor
OriMIRACLE STM WES+MRD Tumor tissue +ctDNA All solid tumors

More Comprehensive Genomic Profile Testing

  • We provide complete DNA and RNA sequencing services, generating high quality molecular and genomic data. This covers more than 50 clinical solid tumors and haematological tumors. This information helps clinicians make treatment decisions.
  • We offer online ordering and digital reporting to smoothly communicate information to aid in clinical decision making.
  • YuanSu Series

    700+gene solid tumor

    Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Testing
    DNA sequencing for all solid tumor
    YuansuS®丨DNA + RNA: 700 genes
    DNA+RNA sequencing for all solid tumor
    DNA+IHC sequencing for all solid tumor
  • More Next-Generation Sequencing Panels

    40+— 20000+solid tumor

    Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Testing
    Qing Yuan™ DNA + RNA | 400+genes
    DNA+RNA sequencing for hematopoietic and lymphoid tissue tumor
    Zhi Xun WESPlus | 20,000+genes
    Whole Exome Test for all solid tumor
    Ben Chu |3 genes
    DNA sequencing for breast/ ovarian cancer
  • Immunohistochemical platform

    FDA-approved immunization checkpoint IHC testing

    Internationally approved antibodies
    PD-L1 IHC Testing
    Evaluating PD-L1 protein expression from multiple tumor types
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